Les Chalets St-Fulgence

3 Chalets à louer

Au Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean
Près du Parc national des Monts-Valin
À Saint-Fulgence (Québec, Canada)

User manual

The responsible tenant must be 18 years of age and over and rent the Chalet for legal purposes.
Pets prohibited. No smoking.

• Failure to comply with the rules of the Chalet entitles the owner to evict the tenant and their guests immediately, without reimbursement.
• The tenant is responsible for the rented Chalet and its contents. He assumes full responsibility for the people to whom he allows access.
• The tenant declares having seen the Chalet, having found it in perfect condition and declares to be satisfied with it.
• Notify the owner when you become aware of a defect or equipment breakdown. Any abusive use or not attributable to normal wear and tear of the building or the goods lining it causing stains, breakage or defects will be repaired or replaced at the tenant's expense.
• Allow access to the premises at all times to the owner to inspect the premises and to carry out urgent work necessary to maintain the rented premises and its equipment in good condition.
• Use the furniture and objects furnishing the rented building for the use for which they are intended.
• Leave the premises, Chalet, land, furniture and accessories in the same condition as on arrival.
• Do not throw anything into the sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers that could clog the pipes, failing which the costs incurred for putting them back into service will be billed to the tenant.
• No mode of accommodation other than the Chalet, such as camper, tent or other is accepted on the site.
• The owner assumes no responsibility for damage, loss or theft to the personal effects of the tenant and his guests.
• The owner cannot be held responsible for any interruption beyond his control of electricity and running water services.
• The owner undertakes to notify the tenant if he cannot rent the chalet for the agreed dates and undertakes to reimburse the entire amount collected.

Police, firefighter, ambulance: 911
Municipality of Saint-Fulgence: 418-674-2588
Hydro-Québec (breakdown information): 1-800-790-2424

Arrival:  from 4:00 p.m.
Departure: before 11:00 a.m.

Curfew:  11 p.m. 

Trash and recycling:
Black bin: trash
Blue bin: recycling

Underfloor heating:
The system is divided into two zones and the temperature of the slab is displayed on the thermostats. To adjust, press up or down to the desired temperature.

Electrical failure:
Do not use water, because when the electricity returns, the artesian well pump system may be damaged. If you see that an outage could happen (storms, intermittent electricity), you can fill pitchers with drinking water. For the toilet, you could use the red floor wash bucket to take water from the lake, and dump water directly into the toilet to flush it out. Or, fill the bathtub with cold water and have the water within reach. In Chalet Ste-Marie (address 306): do not empty water into the toilets or anywhere in the chalet, because in the event of an electrical outage, the septic system pump system does not work, as it is electric.

Rinse your dishes well before putting them in the dishwasher. (nuts, seeds, salad, pieces, toothpicks, etc., can block the dishwasher. Call for service at your expense if blocked). Do your dishes before you leave. If the wash cycle isn't finished, it's okay, but it should at least be running.

Supervision of children is your responsibility. 

The BBQ is well positioned upon your arrival. Avoid moving it and bringing it near the chalet, to avoid a fire. Turn off the propane after use. Scrub the grills with the brush after use. Nylon brushes, on cold BBQ.

Interior fireplace: 
In order to avoid "crashing" the Chalets, if you are not comfortable with wood fireplaces, it would be wise to ask us for advice before... we will be happy to help you understand operation. As the wood is provided and the heated floor already warms the Chalet, moderation is essential. The kindling is only used to light the fire. Then take the normal logs.

Permitted at designated location only. Always use the screen door. Wood is included, unless exaggerated. If there is a ban on open fires, do not make a fire. (see the Sopfeu website)

As it is located under the concrete slab, access is almost impossible.
It is your responsibility to ensure that it is not obstructed, as you will be charged for unblocking costs.

Fondue pans:  
We have chosen beautiful tables for the dining rooms and would like them to stay beautiful for a long time!  
Fill the fondue burners when cool, and place over the sink. Any burns made on tables and other furniture will be at your expense (a cabinetmaker will carry out the repair and the invoice will be sent to you in full).

Child gates:  
we have installed gates on the stairs for the safety of your children. Please ensure that the systems are used properly and that your young children are not able to open them. If they are capable, watch them more... they are not foolproof doors after all!

Avoid theft:  
Lock doors and windows when you go out and when you leave, especially those on the ground floor. We are not responsible for theft or damage to what belongs to you.   

Condition of fixtures:  
Thank you for taking good care of the Chalet. We built this project with heart, for you, so your respect for the place is very appreciated!

Front Washer and Dryer:
Laundry soap and fabric softeners provided. HE only (High efficiency, for front washer).
Be careful, for the Chalet towels: white with white!!

By renting the Chalet, you agree to respect the premises and the rules of use.  
Common sense applies, so if something isn't written here, that doesn't mean it's not important...